Professional Development

The Continuing Professional Development Endorsement Programme

This endorsement scheme is exclusively available to our Associate Members. We are the only organisation offering an endorsement package that focuses specifically on coach-therapy integration.
It covers courses, training workshops or events that are related to integrative coach-therapy practice.

Key Features

  • Available for all types of events. For example, face-to-face courses, tele-classes, seminars, conferences etc.
  • Valid for one year for all courses of the same content and duration
  • Opportunity to promote approved events in our e-journal at a discounted rate
  • Use of the new AICTP logo below when advertising the event

Application Fee

Fee structure* /Course duration
3 – 10 hours £50
11 – 30 hours £75
31 – 75 hours £100

Annual, automatic renewal for 50% of the original fee after 12 months.

For more information, please contact us at