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Journal Submission Guidelines

Journal Submission Guidelines

How To Make A Contribution

Please email the editor, Eleonora Orlowska, to discuss your contribution in the first instance, and then submit in a Word document with no fancy formatting. The email address is 

What Do We Publish?

Our new quarterly e-journal aims to contain a variety of articles (as opposed to academic papers) that are both accessible in content and style, and informative and thought-provoking about integrating coaching and therapy.

Who Can Contribute?

Members who are integrating – or working towards integrating – coaching and therapy in their daily work arena are welcome to offer an article on any aspect of their work or ideas that they believe will interest other members. Topics may therefore range wide, and your work contexts will of course vary, but please focus on integrative aspects. This is our raison d’être!

What Guidance Is There?

Your article can be anything from 800 to 2,500 words. A normal, readable style is preferred. Note any references numerically in the text and then list them at the end. Have a look at the published articles to see how this works.


You can add a note at the end about your job, work arena and email address if you wish.


Any mention of clients must be disguised to ensure they are no longer recognisable, or constructed/invented to illustrate your point, or written about with their permission, for which the editor will require a statement that this has been obtained.

Book Reviews

Book reviews that have some relevance to integrative work are also welcome. Please keep these below 600 words. Make clear why it is relevant to our arena and what you like about the book, because this will give us food for thought and practice.


Letters related to previous articles are also welcome, as are offers for the regular slot where someone writes in response to a quote provided by the editor, and shows some integrative thinking.

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