What is ICT?

Integrative Coach-Therapy (ICT)

Integrative Coach-Therapy (ICT) is a pioneering way of working with the whole of the client by integrating coaching and therapy practice. This way of working uses the proactive, practical, aspirational and dynamic approaches of coaching practice whilst also addressing problems and deep rooted patterns that may be holding the client back or preventing them from achieving what they want or living the life they want.

How Is It Practised?

  • Some practitioners will advocate an overarching approach where the process is the same for either discipline (person centred or solution focused for example)
  • Other practitioners use a fixed system of integration where they combine two or more approaches or theories to make a coherent whole
  • A third group practice an open systems approach such as Personal Consultancy or Egan’s Skilled Helper Model which allows them the freedom to incorporate other concepts, techniques or approaches within the framework of their chosen model

It is possible to move between coaching and therapy more than once in a single session. Depending on the client’s issue and preferences some sessions may be spent working either therapeutically or in a coaching mode. Movement between the two domains should be managed with skill and transparency and in a way that suits the client’s needs.

Change Focused

We think it is important to work at both ends of the spectrum – coaching and therapy – in order to make real, sustainable change and that it is vital that the client has the opportunity to do such work within a single relationship. The blend of coaching and therapy is different with each person and will depend on their preferences, issues and what they hope to achieve as well as the style and approach favoured by the practitioner.

ICT is an umbrella term that covers a variety of different approaches that integrate coaching and therapy: